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..2017 President.. Bryn Lummus


Sustainable Development Gold Coast Inc is a not-for-profit association of professional consultants working in the development and construction industries.  We are a locally-based association whose members are closely involved in the planning and growth of the Gold Coast region.  We are focused on promoting realistic outcomes for sustainable growth, within the broad parameters of economic, social and environmental balance.

SDGCI is not a branch of a national body.  Its Board Members are respected Gold Coast development consultants who volunteer our time for the greater good of the Gold Coast community.

Our membership has a broad skills base: they are passionate about the Gold Coast and engage with local, state and commonwealth politicians to promote sustainable development solutions.


Past achievements of SDGCI have included:


  • Raising issues with the Development Assessment processes of Gold Coast City Council, with ongoing engagement intended to improve these processes for the greater efficiency of the industry;
  • Highlighting the complexity, inconsistency and cost to end users and developers of the Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) by commissioning the initial Place Design Group’s Comparative Infrastructure Charges Study in March 2009.  Subsequent reports and efforts to find a more equitable, transparent, consistent and sustainable means of paying for Queensland’s and Gold Coast City’s urban infrastructure are a legacy of the SDGCI initiative;
  • Lobbying the Queensland Government in regard to the Queensland Coastal Plan, with ongoing engagement in regard to the impacts of coastal management upon existing and newly developing areas of Gold Coast City;
  • In conjunction with Gold Coast Tourism and the Australian Residential Managers Association, successfully stopping a proposed change to the Building Code of Australia that would have banned short-term letting of new multi-unit buildings with self contained residences – Class 2 buildings.  With the significant role played in the Gold Coast economy by low rise holiday apartment buildings, this proposal would have adversely affected this region to a greater extent than many other areas.  SDGCI is keeping a watching brief on this issue; and
  • Undertaking one-day conferences and business breakfast events to highlight issues of concern to our members.


Refer to our Resources and Media pages for more details.

Mission Statement

SDGCI’s mission is to use the diverse skills, resources and practical knowledge of its membership:

  • For the care of the city and its people;
  • To address problems for the city and its future development;
  • To address sustainable development goals in the integration of environmental, economic and social values